Objectives [BURSAALEL]:

This website is launched by Saahot Makaado organization and established for the following objectives:-

 [Ta masxassat kalo (website) dhishshem Saahot Makaadoh Angola yekkeh, akah dhishshimte bursaalel lel ta kataytam kinon]:-

  1. To revitalize, develop and document the Saho language, culture and history. To be the starting field and centre for everyone who may wish to further their research.
    [Saahot luqha, cayda, sugte kee taariikh soomamto, tayfaadado kee sigishsho. Tayimhi xabaladde (idhdhodde) gaba assagallinan marah lel boorha kee maanafo takko.]
  2. To guide and facilitate all forms of activities which may be initiated to eradicate poverty and ignorance from the Saho society, and to be the starting and the meeting point for all those who may wish to take part in this task.
    [Saahot dooda sorha kee waytooko tawco ciloh takke ciyyo santishsho kee fantattoyishsho. Amayim balih tayimhi santo tekkeh ta ciyyodde gaba yassagalle marahi ugtuma kee geyshisheena takko.]
  3. To further the community advancement and development and raise public awareness regarding the importance of their indigenous language and culture.
    [Doodat nabne kee afaadad aydukumusso kee ummanti ishimille gaxeh ishim akah abitaakah uguugus abto].

Contents [DHIBRHO]:-

Different types of contents are hosted on this website, and they are based on the objectives listed above. Since this website follows the rules and regulations that are enshrined in the Saahot Makaado constitution, anything that violates these rules and regulations, such as that of contents related to racism, hate speech, politics and extremism are not allowed.
[Ta masaxassat kalolle kab-yarhxe dhibrhi barhsimtem yekkeh, mangih ta agana yane bursaalelidde cikkishittem kinni. Kab-yarhxe kutuub, tamaa magaror (menus/topics) ti araxah kab-yarhxe kutuub kinamhi sabbatah, awlih dhibrho kinam naarhago sahiil kinni.  Ta kalo, Saahot Makaadoh dhintoh (dastooruh) santishimte ciyyo kee xagarar tayseeseemhi sabbatah lel, Feraako Fera dhaye (cunsuuriya), azgogoctina, siyaasa kee siyaasat diin yable dhibrho kab-ishsho maki.]

Language [LUQHA]

The contents on this website will be mostly in SAHO, ENGLISH & ARABIC. Nonetheless, if there is anyone who may wish to present in other languages, such as in Tigrigna, is also welcome.
[Ta kalolle mangih kab-yarhxe kutuub Saaho, Ingiliiz kee Carabih yakko kinni. Yakko kibah laakin, aki luqhaatah, masalan, Tigrignah kab-isho farha marak tinniinimko kabbatneh kab sinah ishno kinom sin duhsusno fandha.]

Invitation [DEECO]:-

Everything made or created remains forever, but the one who made, crafted or created it, passes away says, the Saho proverb. So, please pay attention to our call, so that we may all play our vital roles in writing and documenting our indigenous cultural resources, so that it may safely pass to the subsequent generation. Therefore, we gently call upon everyone to contribute on this website in writing based on the contents that have been provided, and alike.
[Abeenim marta abte gaba rabta‘ hido lel, ‘Yuktubiinim racta, tuktube gaba rabta‘ kinamhi sabbatah, ninnim inkoh kataabah sigishno ciloh, ta deeco umman tiyalle abna deeco kinnik, COKKA/AYTI nolle uxuwa:- Sin beezza, ta magaror (menus)ko ugutak ummanti barhsime kutuubuh gaba noolih yassagallo mango xishmaalih sinah deecimna]

We are grateful to all our contributors.
[Gaba noolih yassagalle marak lel inkoh mangum sin cawwatoyshinna]

Thank you
[Gaab noh isho!]

We are ready to take care of what is ours!